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"we'll never change, cuz we don't know how"


How Far We've Come / LARRY ANTHONY

A slow-burning groove. The itch of insomnia.  A voice familiar yet new. 

Larry Anthony's "How Far We've Come" brings to life the nostalgic feelings of city nightlife with asymmetrical lyrics, tight harmonies, and an R&B backdrop. 

'high-minded pop aesthetic driven even deeper by touches of R&B and rock'  

- The Daily Herald, Sound Check
"Larry Anthony is a type of artist you don't see anymore...He works hard to develop music that is multidimensional.."                     

-Music Garage (Chicago)
Featured on Q101 + WCIU the U

"Larry Anthony never lets us down...reliable and a true creative professional, I've loved having him booked with us for regular gigs and being able to see him evolve as an artist. He's been able to fine tune his events with us to fit our space and crowd without sacrificing any of his creative integrity. Easy going, organized, talented, and all around cool guy, Larry's the real deal."

-Nic Opp; the Albert